IPSecuritas 5.0.1

Available for macOS Big Sur and Catalina.

Optimized for Apple Silicon.

IPSecuritas is now available for macOS Big Sur. Please download the latest version 5.0 from the product page.

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Retired and Obsolete Products



BubblePop was our first application and we look back onto almost 20 years of fun with this simple game. Unfortunately, its code has aged in not such a good way, forcing us to retire this gem.

Fan Control


Fan Control was a very popular utility for the first few generations of Intel based Mac laptops first introduced in 2005. Macs have evolved a lot since then and temperatures are very much under control now.



How much would we like to revive the popularity of text based MUDS and chat rooms but hey, that’t progress. The web has taken over and we decided to stop development on Nuntius.



WinShortcutter was acquired by tech arrow, a Slovakian maker of quality software. Please head over to their web site for the latest release and support.

Visit tech arrow

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