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It all started in 2003…

I’m a Mac enthusiast since the mid 90’ and a Software Engineer. In 2003 I learned Objective-C and the Cocoa frameworks, Bubble Pop was born as a first exercise. Mind you, having a strong C background, mostly working in embedded and low-level domains (I ported Minix to my own 68000-based hardware in the late 80’ and later developed a X11 framebuffer implementation for my custom PowerPC 603 based system for Linux and adapted a few device drivers), working with such highly sophisticated frameworks was quite a challenge. But this was only for fun…

The company I worked for at that time started to offer remote access to their office network in 2003, but - you guessed it - only for Windows PCs. There was one IPSec solution available for the Mac, but it was pricey (this at least was my perception, after all it was „only“ a UI for OS functionality the Mac already brought with it). So I implemented IPSecuritas 1.0 - and this was really the start of IPSecuritas.

More apps followed, some I abandoned a long time ago but I still want to share solutions I built for myself with others. Meanwhile, all supported software is free, donations are still welcome but not needed.

Thanks a lot,

Christoph Nadig

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