IPSecuritas is the most advanced, yet free IPSec client for Mac OS X. It supports virtually every available IPSec compliant firewall, allowing you to connect safely to your office or home network from any location on earth.

IPSecuritas 5.0.1

Connect Securely.

In your Language.

For Free.


Easy Connection Setup

Create connections easily with the included Wizard and configure your firewall with convenient step-by-step guides.

Easy Connection Management

The built-on Connection and Certificate Managers allow for easy administration of your connections and certificates.

Easy Deployment

Convenient import, export and protection functionality allows for seamles deployment even with dozens of VPN users.

Compatible with Public WLAN

NAT Traversal allows seamless connections from public and mobile networks.

Profile Support

Create different profiles for different locations or connection needs and switch easily between them.

XAUTH and Hybrid Authentication

Extended Authentication with username and password.

Split DNS

Use the private DNS servers in your office network to even resolve private host names while connected.

IPv6 Support

The first ever and still the only free Mac IPSec client supporting the future network protocol.

Hands-free Operation

Control your connections with the included Menu Bar Item or the Dashboard Widget, saving your precious Dock and Desktop space for real work.

Automatic Client Configuration

IPSecuritas supports MODE_CFG/Office Mode to automatically configure the client.

Checkpoint VPN-1 Support

Support for Checkpoint Username/Password authentication and UDP Encapsulation on port 2746.

Stay Connected Mode

IPSecuritas detects network changes (change of IP address or default interface etc.) and reacts appropriatly to keep your connections alive. This way, IPSec can be left enabled regardless of your current environment.


IPSecuritas comes localized in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian and Japanese.

Smart Environment Detection

IPSecuritas remembers the network you have been using and automatically adjusts your IPSec settings whenever you enter a known network.

Wide Firewall Support

IPSecuritas interoperates with a large and daily growing number of VPN devices, including devices from popular manufacturers such as Cisco, Zyxel, Netgear and more. IPSecuritas is known to work with devices from the following manufacturers: BEC Technologies, Check Point, Clavister, Collax, Cyberguard, DrayTek Vigor, Openswan (Linux), GTA Firewalls, Mako Networks, Netgear, NetScreen, PGPnet, SnapGear, SonicWALL, SmoothWall, WatchGuard Firebox, Windows 2000/XP, Zyxel ZyWALL, Cisco PIX, Kame (Free/Open/NetBSD, MacOS X) and many more.

It's Free!

IPSecuritas is freeware. Your support is still gratefully appreciated. Donations will solely be invested into IPSecuritas' development and test equipment.

System Requirements

IPSecuritas 5.0 is fully 64-bit Intel and Apple Silicon and requires macOS Big Sur or Catalina. See past releases for older macOS versions.

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