CPULoad 1.0

Watch your processor!

You don't need to be a geek to wonder what your CPU is doing all day long! Sometimes applications (not ours, of course) go astray and hog up CPU cycles, nicking them from other applications and winding down your productivity.

CPULoad offers a simple and light-weight possibility to have the state of your CPU readily available in your menu bar.

If the load of your CPU looks suspiciously high, have a closer look at what is causing the load by launching Apple's Activity Monitor with a single mouse click. Activity Monitor lets you look at the process details and you may terminate the rogue process if required.

Display thermal warnings and throttling when your cores are at heavy duty work.

Stay up-to-date with the latest version. Integrated Sparkle support informs you automatically about software updates and installs them with a single mouse click.

It's Free

CPULoad is freeware. Your support is still gratefully appreciated. Donations will go into enhancements of CPULoad and into the development of future other applications.

Universal Binary

CPULoad requires MacOS X 10.8 or newer, Apple Silicon Ready.

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